Construction Experts

BBD Construction offers construction services from your initial conception to the final walk-through. Your business is important to us, and we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Our team is proud of our reputation as a reliable construction partner who gets the work done on time and with the highest regard for quality, and we will work hard to ensure that your construction project meets and exceeds your expectations.

Multi-site Construction

In addition to individual projects, BBD Construction specializes in multi-location construction. Our team understands the challenges that come with building in different locations. We ensure that we maintain a consistent feel across projects and reliable project coordination even when scheduling is tight.

BBD Construction coordinates all the components that go into making a top-quality build, regardless of the location. This centralized control means greater consistency and predictability on each build. We can help you expand your footprint whether you are building medical facilities, preschools, casual restaurants, or offices.

Call Us About Your Project

Modern Project Document Management

You can track daily progress with our project documentation and management software. We utilize a cloud-based application that allows your team full access to daily progress, drawings, and updates on a build. Or you can opt for weekly or monthly progress reports while we take care of the details.

The Right Tradespeople for Each Job

We find the best tradespeople to build your projects from a wide-ranging, up-to-date network. Whether you are expanding an existing business, starting a new business or building new locations nationwide, we provide skilled subcontractors who will make sure that your project is top quality and finished on time.

Ensuring a Safe Jobsite

With the right team assembled, every day begins with an onsite safety meeting that emphasizes the importance of adhering to safe practices. We prize workers’ safety as we build projects that you’ll value for their quality and high level of workmanship.

Our reputation as a premier general contractor and construction manager is built upon our:

+ Experience

Our team has 20 years of construction experience that you can trust. We stay on top of building details so that you can attend to the daily needs of your business.

+ Simultaneous Project Expertise

Our know-how with multi-site projects gives you one-stop management to monitor your buildouts day-to-day. We have built multi-site restaurants, medical facilities, offices, and preschools.

+ Flexibility

Our team wants each build to be top quality. When you have new input, we adapt the plans to make each build the best that it can be.

+ Integrity

You need a builder who treats each project as though it was their own, and we are that builder. We are accountable to you whether your projects range across multiple sites or if you have one project. All our customers and all our jobs get the same top billing.

+ Trust

When you can’t be on a jobsite, you can trust us to be your eyes and ears. We choose the best subcontractors, monitor quality, and manage your projects while providing frequent reporting.

+ On-time specialists

We know your priority is to get the job done on time so you can bring in revenue as quickly as possible. We get your project built quickly so you can open the door to new revenue.